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Shabby Chic Style

To be able to dress in shabby chic style, you have to think antique. Choose antique-looking dresses and blouses. You can buy these at second-hand stores or you can just ransack the closet of you mother or grandmother. Wear something in brown, bronze, black, and gold. Neutral colors such as gray, charcoal, beige, old rose, navy, burgundy, camel, mustard, chocolate, ivory, lavender, and yellow are also favorable. These colors represent the shabby chic style. Avoid bright colors as much as possible. You may also grab some faded jeans since faded hues are a part of shabby style’s allure. You may want to choose skinny jeans, though. These jeans are casual and very stylish. They are not sloppy either. If you prefer skirts, nonetheless, choose pieces that are flowing.

Another aspect of the shabby chic style is layering. Layered clothes make this style unique and distinguished. However, even if the shabby chic style does not conform to the trend, it still follows the basics of aesthetics. So, you have to be more concerned on looking good than being trendy. Layer

Dress Styles Tips Make Look Thinner

Style #1 – Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are a popular choice in ladies clothes. These dresses are long and flowing. In most cases, they fit closely in the bust and then flow to the ankles or the floor. This style is flattering for any body type and skims over the hips, waist and thighs.

Style #2 – Empire Waist Dresses

Another great style that will help you look slimmer is an empire waist dress. This ladies wear style has a high waistline that is right below the bust and then the bottom half of the dress skims over the waist and hips. Since they create a youthful, beautiful shape, they look great on all body types. The empire waist dress looks especially good on women with pear or apple shapes.

Style #3 – Sundress

This dress looks wonderful during the summer and includes thin shoulder straps, a wide neckline and a medium length. For women who don’t have good waist definition, a belt can accent the waist area. Women with a pear figure can go

Wholesales Handbags

Not only do you have trouble with picking out an outfit, but even when you find something you like, you realize you don’t have a handbag to go with it. So you go back to your closet to rummage around for something to wear. You probably have more than enough stylish and trendy items of clothing in your closet, but you can never have too many handbags! Any day is a good day to get a new one, whether your boyfriend agrees with line of argument or not. So what can you expect to find when you go looking for the perfect handbag? Let’s start with the materials. It’s true that leather is still the number one material for handbags. Durable and stylish, its delicate shine will give you that special touch of elegance. Whether it is glossy classic leather or the matte, soft, casual kind, you just can’t go wrong with leather.

Still managing to keep its popularity, the snake-skin look is still in fashion, giving your style a hint of wildness and adventure. And for those women looking

Five Classic Long Haircuts and How to Style Them

The fun and style of the long haircuts are brought up by a myriad of different features such as layers, color and even bangs. Your stylist will advise you on the best match of the highlights for your long hair depending on your skin tone.

For the daring women, you can go an extra mile and take your long haircut to the next level by customizing it. The long hairstyle versatility allows them to be tailored to fit your personality or even that daring attitude you possess. Here we have selected the trendiest long haircuts and systematically given you the styling method in case you did it wrong.

  1. Vintage Glamour

The fun of this hair is just unexplainable. It is lustrous and straightforward, yet dramatic and of interest. Loved by chic with long hair. Ideal for all types of faces.

  • How To Style
  1. Curl the whole head of hair in one direction using a curling iron.
  2. Warp hair to the side
  3. Use your fingers to hold the curls together to make thick waves you

Men can buy branded watches and supreme shoes quickly

Men who involve regularly in jogging, running and other outdoor activities would like to buy branded shoes which come from the house of branded manufacturer. Visitors will find best shoes that are selling in the market and all the products under this category are priced cheaply. Young girls and women who are in search of luxury jewelry for day-today wearing can buy ear studs, long chains and earrings here and wear them during important events and celebrations.  Affluent customers can buy diamond studded and golden watches through this site and gift them to their friends or dearest ones.

Solidly designed and constructed with spectacular materials these luxury watches are worth buying. Girls who are going to colleges or offices can buy shoulder bags here and carry many items inside them. These bags will have compartments where they can store cosmetics, lipsticks and other necessary items. Carrying these bags to various places will be an interesting thing. These bags can withstand rough usage and buyers can carry them daily. Ladies can buy sleek and slim branded watches and complement them with rich dresses. People can buy more than one products and gift them to colleagues during functions.

The Easiest Way to Get A-Line Haircut with Face Framing Locks at Home

This is an adorable hairstyle that brings a hint of vintage flair to your looks. Wherever you want to look impressive and flaunt those chic classic looks, this hairstyle will completely support you. If your age is less and you want to look a couple of years older, this is the best hairstyle to adopt. And, if you are above the age of 25, the A-Line haircut will make you feel completely harmonious.

The recommended shape of faces for this hairstyle are square and round. This hairstyle conceals the width of broad faces and cover the cheeks, thereby make them look slimmer. And obviously, oval face ladies can choose this hairstyle without thinking twice. Here is the simple step-by-step tutorial to get this adorable A-Line haircut at home.

  1. Proper Hair Sectioning

To match the excellence of this wonderful hairstyle, you should start with locks sectioning. The correct sectioning of hair guarantees the success, even if it is about hairstyling at home.

Hence, note that the following 4 sections is what you will divide your head:

  • 1


We all know someone who has an impeccable taste in fashion. No matter what the occasion they are always dressed to the nines and ready to impress anyone they may come in contact with. They exude confidence, good taste, and business acumen. You may find yourself looking at their wardrobe and feeling like yours needs a bit of an upgrade. This can be a stressful and expensive task. With all the fashions coming out on a regular basis it can be hard to determine what is necessary. You may find yourself wanting to pull your hair out and scream “how can I upgrade my wardrobe and reduce my stress without breaking my budget and tapping into my savings account”. Fret no more! Thankfully this helpful guide will give you the necessary tips and tricks to get you on your way to a new wardrobe. Consider some of this excellent advice the next time you go shopping.


If you are shopping for a new wardrobe you may feel yourself inclined to make a beeline towards the nearest , Dillards, Kohls, Belk, or JC Penny’s. These stores are

Leather Handbags

Carrying a large bag often indicates a woman on the go, needing to always bring a bit of her world with her as she goes about her busy day. A small clutch shows a more carefree, whimsical attitude, with no need for functional practicality.  A beaded or silk bag can signal attendance of a formal event, while a cotton tote likely indicates a day of errands. A boldly patterned or brightly colored bag often shows an artistic or adventurous side. Those who opt for a simple tried-and-true black piece give off an air of chic, classic elegance.   Stitching and metalwork can mean the difference between a bag appearing expensive and luxurious, and it looking cheap and poorly constructed. Obvious label marks of course also can show different styles and price points. Structure or lack thereof is another major indicator of a woman’s personal style. There are numerous details that together determine the overall effect of a woman’s handbag. These various characteristics come together to define a purse, and consequently to dictate where, when, and by whom it should truly be worn. A purse in itself divulges a significant amount of information about its owner. Yet its appropriateness to the outfit selected and the occasion attended are

Tricks Pick Clutch Bag

The Occasion and Your Appearance

Whatever the occasion is, the most important fact is you should be unique! So consider the outfit first and then choose a clutch handbag which suits it following the entire style and colour. Pay your attention to the colours, material and style of your dress to get the best results. If you attend some social events, it will be better to carry a classic and elegant clutch bag. If you go to some casual parties, you can choose a more daring style of clutch bag to make you look lovely and distinctive.


This should be the most considerable fact when you choosing a evening bag. When talking about colours, there is no limit for the colours we can wear… But when choosing the perfect clutch bag, we should consider the colours as well as the style. By doing some experiments, you can create a unique outfit with a matching clutch bag. The current fashion trends and colours for summer are the ever popular, pastel pink with bridemaids, red and royal blue for the guests, ivory for the brides and a combination of contrasting colours like a silver dress with

Coach Handbags

One of the Coach Handbag styles that has grown in popularity is the Hobo style. The Hobo bag is an large bag of simple design with a strap long enough to allow shoulder carry if desired. Of course many women prefer the a more traditional clutch type handbag that is available in a range of styles and colors. Others prefer the type of bag called the tote bag, an especially extra large bag that can even be used by students to carry books. The swing style, pouch style and others round out the Couch handbag line.

Couch Makes Other Products

The Couch Company makes many other accessories. Wallets, checkbook covers, camera bags, the French purse, the mini wallet, the card case, and key cases all carry the Coach brand name and are assured of being of the same high quality standards as the world famous Coach handbag.

In the United States a handbag is also called a purse, while in the United Kingdom a purse more often refers to a smaller device used primary to carry money. A handbag in both countries is usually large enough to carry a woman’s wallet, keys, lipstick, checkbook and

Classic Evening Dress

Empire Dresses

Empire style evening dresses are characterized by a high waist and a full length skirt. The waist, which fits snuggly, is fashioned above the waistline of the wearer, usually just under the bust line. This placement is appropriate for those who wish to achieve a slimmer and taller appearance. The style is often most flattering to those who carry a bit of excess weight around their middles or who as shorter and more pear shaped in body structure though taller and slimmer women and those with flatter stomachs also appreciate the style of empire dresses.

Empire evening gowns are traditionally made from lightweight, free flowing materials like silk in order to create a light and airy appearance. They may have several layers of lightweight fabric built into their design but the skirt portion of the gown should move freely, swaying with the breeze and the wearer’s stride. This free flowing character is an essential component of the classic empire evening gown design.

While some hemlines on modern empire dresses may fall at the ankles, the most traditional skirt of the classic empire dress reaches to the floor, covering the shoes while standing and

Zebra Print Dresses

Would you be interested in a zebra print for a holiday? Why not a zebra print heart on a red shirt for Christmas or Valentine’s Day? You could really get crazy with this for a birthday party with a special occasion dress, paper plates, party hats, and other decorations.

Do you know anyone that is having a baby shower? Although primary colors are great for babies to focus on they are usually intrigued with the black and white design of zebra print. You may like to purchase a bib, or a stuffed zebra. Why not buy a zebra that turns into a baby’s security blanket? There are precious soft blankets, pillow cases, and travel pillows to choose from. You can even get them personalized with the baby’s name and birth date. These would make a great keepsake. If there is an older sibling maybe a backpack would be a good gift. Don’t forget the mom. You could get her a dipper bag.

On the assumption that you are the mother of a little girl how would you like to have her wear a coat or jacket just like yours? There are beautiful swing coats that are

Must know about Maxi Dress

Firstly, let us describe what the maxi dress even is. The maxi is the long dress you see on a mannequin when passing by a fashion boutique. The dress is typically a draping dress that goes as far down as to your ankles (and in some cases, lower). You can now even picture why a dress like this could be worn in different ways and for different occasions.

The maxi dress can come bright with abstract designs on them. This type of dress, as you can imagine, could be worn to the beach. You can pair it with sandals or flip flops and wear a large bag. I have actually seen women wear the maxi dress even with a messenger bag. You can choose to wear a hat as well.

For a more formal occasion, some pumps would go hand in hand with a maxi dress to make you look absolutely astounding. We tend to go for a darker color in formal occasions. Black or colors like maroon gives off an strong impression of classiness. Instead of wearing a huge bag where you keep your suntanning lotions and beach towels, try wearing a clutch. With clutches,

Silver Evening Bag

Evening bags come in numerous styles, colors, shapes and brands. You need to select one that goes perfectly with your special dress. If you have beautiful silver sequined dress it will be apt to carry a silver evening bag. The combination will be stunning and you can see every head turning towards you. You will have a glamorous appeal when you carry a beautiful silver bag matching perfectly to your dress. Silver bags have also become an important item in weddings. Especially, the clutch options for the brides. The bag will be beautifully decorated according to the bridal gown.

Silver bags are designed with great care. Sincere efforts are taken by the artisan to ensure that each bag looks stunning from any angle. The bags are beautifully decorated with a number of accessories like beads, laces flowers etc. These items add to the beauty of the bags and make it look sophisticated and stylish. They have many useful features that will be very handy for women carrying them. Some bags have straps which are made of variety materials like beads, leather and fabric etc. They also have small handles for clutching. The straps are very useful because

Cross Body Handbags

Cross body style handbags provide a great way to look trendy and chic. Not only this, but they also offer a unique and superb way of putting all your necessary items in them.

Following are some of the common uses of this handbag style:

These handbags are commonly used by professional men and women, such as photographers, musicians, painters and even teachers. They are spacious and easy to carry, along with the fact that they are trendy in their look. Having many pockets, they offer easy way to the professionals to organize their stuff.

Students also use these bags as they help them create a fashion statement of their own and are also useful. They are spacious so students can easily dump their books, papers and other important things in them.

I have observed tourists love this style. They look trendy carrying them. These bags are easy to carry since they are worn across the shoulders and they are comfortable to walk with because the weight of the bag is balanced between both the sides of the body.

Women and particularly fashionable women like to carry these bags to beach in summer time.

Handbag Styles for All Seasons

Clutches are popular for use during formal as well as evening events and goes very well with cocktail dresses. Clutches are usually long, rectangular in shape and are small enough to contain all the essentials like keys, credit card, lipstick, and money.

Tote bags are mostly used for going to the beach or shopping in a mall. They are typically large bags that are open at the top and can carry the bulky items you would need to go to the beach or to go shopping. And since they’re used for daytime and frolicking under the sun, tote bags are brightly colored and made of canvas or other sturdy materials.

Hobo bags are very popular among girls and handbag designers almost always have this style in their collection. These bags are characterized by a crescent shaped and slouchy structure. They are usually large but recently have been downsized to fit any girl’s need.

Cross-body bags are really trendy right now. In fact, many designers like Coach, Kate Spade, and Michael Kors to name a few. These bags are draped across the body and keep your things secured even as you walk around. It also keeps

Information of Handbag Types

Since it has already been mentioned, let’s properly introduce the barrel. This type of bag features a long body with a round frame and handles that are long enough to be worn over the shoulder. A great example of this type of designer handbag would be the Burberry Nova Check Boston Bag. Adorned in the classic Nova check pattern, this bag is the essence of the uber chic barrel bag.

Next is the previously mentioned hobo. This bag is one of the most popular designer handbag types available with every fashion designer having one in their collection. These bags are defined by their oval or crescent shape and feature a strap that is just long enough to fit over the shoulder. They are made of soft, flexible materials that allow for a slouchy look. A perfect example of this type of bag would be the Salvatore Ferragamo Patent Braided Hobo. Shining in black patent leather, this bag has a unique touch with its braided shoulder strap.

The satchel is a fashionista must-have. They are large-bodied bags with large handles on them that can be worn over the shoulder or in the crook of the arm. These

Handbags can Match Every Outfit

When considering a new handbag, look at your wardrobe and determine the color scheme you most often wear. For example, if you typically wear conservative, dark colors, choose a handbag that will work well with those.

Instead of buying dozens of handbags in different colors, choose neutral shades that will work with the majority of your wardrobe. Perhaps buy a brown and black handbag as well as one more brightly colored purse. This way you don’t spend a lot of money but maximize the handbags you have for the most outfits.

Another thing to consider is the style of clothing you wear. If you are like most women you probably have a variety of different styles of clothing. You probably have some professional outfits, some casual clothes and a few snazzy outfits for club wear or going out on the town.

Choose handbag styles that will work well for each occasion. Choose a typically casual style of handbag like the hobo bag or tote. You may also want to get a more formal purse such as a clutch for evenings out. Bothe a shoulder bag and satchel are good all purpose styles that work well

Some Handbag For Fabulous Look

Birkin – You would be surprised to find out that the Birkin is actually named after the actress Jane Birkin. This was initially custom-made for her as she required getting a handbag that would be able to carry many of her personal belongings. Birkins are a popular choice among corporate people and its unisex design makes for a popular choice for both men and women. Birkins are usually sturdy enough to stand alone and they are often made with animal skin or leather.

Box Bag – The box type of handbags are often used these days to carry small items which needed to be kept in organized form. This is the handbag of choice for carrying large makeup kits. Guys might find this handy to store an assortment of nifty electrical pieces for gadgets and even sporting accessories.

Clutch Purse – This is the popular style of choice for ladies who are going out on formal occasions. Clutch purses are often used as a fashion accessory than a bag because they are often slim and small enough to carry with one hand, clutched firmly on the forearm. A clutch purse is also often styled to fit

Belts and Bags

Kippys belts are unique in that you can specify how wide you want them to be. Whether you’re looking for a thin quarter inch or you’d rather have a bold belt that measures an inch and a half, Kippys will aim to please. Their belts give more of a naughty cowgirl feel when you slip them on. Adorned with crystals as well, this line sometimes skips the crystal-encrusted buckle that BB Simon is famous for and instead goes for a simple and understated solid centerpiece.

Loop one of these through your favorite pair of jeans – maybe even a pair from Kippys – and you’ll have flash and sass all night long! And don’t worry, you can shake it like you love it because Kippys guarantees both the crystals and the craftsmanship for the entire lifetime of the belt.

Robbie French spent 10 years in the mix of haute couture running some of the hottest bars in LA before she decided to start her own design company. Thank goodness she did because this girl has what it takes to dress A-list celebrities like Madonna and Nicholas Cage! If you’ve never taken a look at her buckles,