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The Easiest Way to Get A-Line Haircut with Face Framing Locks at Home

This is an adorable hairstyle that brings a hint of vintage flair to your looks. Wherever you want to look impressive and flaunt those chic classic looks, this hairstyle will completely support you. If your age is less and you want to look a couple of years older, this is the best hairstyle to adopt. And, if you are above the age of 25, the A-Line haircut will make you feel completely harmonious.

The recommended shape of faces for this hairstyle are square and round. This hairstyle conceals the width of broad faces and cover the cheeks, thereby make them look slimmer. And obviously, oval face ladies can choose this hairstyle without thinking twice. Here is the simple step-by-step tutorial to get this adorable A-Line haircut at home.

  1. Proper Hair Sectioning

To match the excellence of this wonderful hairstyle, you should start with locks sectioning. The correct sectioning of hair guarantees the success, even if it is about hairstyling at home.

Hence, note that the following 4 sections is what you will divide your head:

  • 1 – Nape section.
  • 1 – Crown (U-shaped) section (this section moves by your head’s highest point)
  • 2 – Temple sections, consider your natural parting (if you wear a side parting, make a shift towards left or right; and in case of center parting, locks should be divided in center)
  1. Use a Vented Round Brush and Blow-Dryer for Styling

Now, start pulling out the locks and while blow-drying, use a vented round brush. For proper implementation of this procedure, start from the nape section’s edge line and step by step, move to the crown. While blow-drying, the movement of the brush should be as per your head’s curve. This way, you will gain a hairstyle with perfect volume.

  1. Crown Section’s Lock-By-Lock Styling

In this step, the U-shaped (crown) section should be released and blow-dried as per the similar principle of lock-by-lock.

  1. Tailoring the Face-Framing Locks

Now, move towards temple section. With the help of a brush, face-framing locks should be curled. It is similar to curling hair with a curler. The locks should be heated with hot air flow and the result should be fixed with cool air. The processing of locks with cool air can be done by simply turning the blow-dryer upside down.

Note: In the absence of a pro blow-dryer, gain similar effect by pressing “cool air” button. Else, there are chances that it will suck your hair and create tangles inside the appliance.

  1. The Final Finishing

In the final stage, the aim should be to fix all the curls and locks in place and sustain their shape. In case of this hairstyling, you can use dry texturing hair spray.

Hopefully, these simple instructions will turn out to inspire you personally and following them will help you refashion your hairstyle at home.