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Zebra Print Dresses

Would you be interested in a zebra print for a holiday? Why not a zebra print heart on a red shirt for Christmas or Valentine’s Day? You could really get crazy with this for a birthday party with a special occasion dress, paper plates, party hats, and other decorations.

Do you know anyone that is having a baby shower? Although primary colors are great for babies to focus on they are usually intrigued with the black and white design of zebra print. You may like to purchase a bib, or a stuffed zebra. Why not buy a zebra that turns into a baby’s security blanket? There are precious soft blankets, pillow cases, and travel pillows to choose from. You can even get them personalized with the baby’s name and birth date. These would make a great keepsake. If there is an older sibling maybe a backpack would be a good gift. Don’t forget the mom. You could get her a dipper bag.

On the assumption that you are the mother of a little girl how would you like to have her wear a coat or jacket just like yours? There are beautiful swing coats that are for mothers and daughters. Maybe you would rather have a bolero or a hooded sweatshirt.

Many people now carry their own bags and baskets to the grocery store to avoid using plastic and paper bags that are not good for our environment. Zebra print totes would be so much fun to use for your shopping trips.

If you decide to buy a tote bag get a zebra print beach towel to match. Now you are all ready to go to the pool, lake or the beach.

You don’t even have to get the traditional black and white. You can get pink zebra print as well as blue and many other colors.

So if you like zebra print there are no boundaries on the items you can find.